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Consign Your Pops


 Are you local and have items like (Funko Pops, graded cards, designer toys, or Comic books) that you want us to sell on our website?  If the answer is yes then you are at the right place, continue reading. 


Howdy and welcome to Deadzone Collectibles, where every collectible gets a chance to shine brighter than a stadium full of happy fans! At Deadzone, we're not just about selling collectibles, we're all about spreading joy and positivity, one collectible at a time.
Now, if you're thinking about parting ways with some of your Collectibles, fear not! We're here to make that process as heartwarming as a post-game victory hug. Whether you're looking to make some room, share the love, or just focus your collection, we've got you covered like a well-coordinated defense.
Here's the lowdown on how we do things around here:
All-Star Valuation: We're currently scouting for: 
Sorry, no benchwarmers here—only the MVPs make the cut!
  • Funko Pops valued at $40 or higher (according to the PPG).
  • Comic Book Slabs Only valued at $30 or Higher (we usually go off sold listing on Ebay)  
  • Graded Cards valued at $25 or higher.  (we usually go off sold listing on Ebay)  
  • Designer Toys valued at $40 or higher (we usually go off sold listing on Ebay)
Team Submission: Fill out the form below and send us a link to your list of top-tier Collectibles valued at $25 and up. We're using hobbydb and Ebay Sold Listings to make sure we're on the same playbook.
Team Talk: Once we receive your lineup, we'll huddle up and get back to you faster than you can say "goal!" to discuss your consignment deal.
Consignment Game Plan: Your Collectibles will hit the field for an initial 45-day consignment period. If you're game to keep going after that, just know that we reserve the right to make a few strategic plays, like adjusting prices and accepting discount codes. But don't worry, during those first 45 days, we stick to your game plan, even if a discount code comes into play.
Consignment Spots: We've got three tiers of consignment payouts based on the value of your items, because every player deserves their fair share of the trophy:
Spot 1: 60% for items valued $25-$99
Spot 2: 70% for items valued $100-$199
Spot 3: 80% for items valued $200 and above
Game Day Rewards: We're all about sharing the victory here, so we make weekly payouts via PayPal/Venmo or Zelle, minus any sneaky fees we might encounter like CC fees. Your Items will also get prime time exposure on our weekly Drops on our website, IG Posts, mentoned on our YouTube Channel, Facebook posts, TikTok Posts, and maybe one day in store when we get to that top tier—talk about a winning strategy!
Now, remember, folks, teamwork makes the dream work. So let's team up and find some new homes for those Funko Pops of yours. Together, we'll score big and spread joy like confetti on championship day!

Deadzone Collecitbles Consigment Application 

Thank You!

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